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My real name is Michael and I had the idea of creating this Wiki. If you have any ideas on how to improve it (for example we still lack a logo ;-) feel free to contact me. I can be reached either through my talk page, by ICQ (#28480255) or through mail (michael#drueing#de -- replace the first # by @ and the second # by .)

I can also be reached through MSN Messenger (EMail address see above) and Yahoo! Messenger (darkstar2342)


Currently pondering about...

  • ...Guild Wars .DAT file format, and formats of the contained 3D models/scripts/thingies
  • ...Zork (Return to Zork/Nemesis/Grand Inquisitor) and Myst reverse engineering (file formats; scripts; similarities and differences between those two series), maybe one could create a unified game engine for those games (and possibly others which are similar. 7th Guest maybe?)
  • I'm still on bad terms with the MM6 dungeon file formats. I really need to figure out how the texturing/mapping works there. Too bad I'm no 3D guru...
  • Alien Legacy file formats.
  • Software preservation. There are already a few groups working on creating exact dumps from old disks/tapes/other media.
    • Software Preservation Society, formerly known as CAPS. Dumps Amiga floppies
    • C64 Preservation Society is trying to do bit-exact dumps of the GCR disks used in the Commodore 64.
    • BitSavers is collecting (paper-)tape images of the software used on very old computer mainframes and servers (PDP, VAX, ...)
    • redump.org dumps and fixes Playstation 1 / 2 CD ROMs
    • DOS Preservation Society is a relatively new project which aims to preserve various DOS system disks.
    • C64 Tape dumping project dumps tape software from the C64. See also DC2N, a hardware replacement for the C64 datasette which emulates audio tapes through dumps coming from a SD card.

Construction sites

Mirek Luza recently acquired the full source code of the AESOP script compiler and runtime (no assets/ingame script sources though) from John Miles, with no strings attached (read: public domain). Thanks again, John and Mirek! I'm currently browsing through it, should help decompiling the VM code tremendously. Oh, and I was right about most fields in the .RES file so far :)
btw, here's the program I used to analyze the .RES files: /EYE3Extract


  • I have a GIT repository with a generic unpacker framework here. It's called General Unpack Shell and can be thought of something like unzip for various game files. It's written in C# and can (in theory) be extended by external DLL files (although integrating new unpackers in the main repository is of course preferred)
  • The Might&Magic VI Level Viewer is already linked elsewhere. Another nice tool I've written is the Ripper, which similar to an old DOS tool called "ripper5.exe" (although mine is not yet that good... I'm working on that though)


Here is a page where I'll be collecting various ideas that cross my mind from time to time...


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