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Seems the spambots have finally found this Wiki... I guess this will increase during the next days/weeks, so I'd like to think about how to counter the spamming. The "standard" SpamBlacklist is already in place, so what else can be done?

  • Restrict edits to logged in users. However, we've had some contributions by anonymous users already, so this might scare them away. Additionally, spambots seem to be smart enough already to create user accounts.
  • More advanced spamfilter. Does one exist? Maybe we could simply add something to SpamBlacklist which checks for numbers with more than, say, 10 digits, and rejects those edits...
  • More SysOps to counter spam. This might be a simple short-term solution. Any volunteers? ;-)
Sign me up, I've got nothing to loose... --MaD 13:13, 30 November 2006 (CET)
I'll volunteer too --Sirmatto 19:32, 30 November 2006 (CET)
Sorry I missed you guy's application for sysop. Please enjoy your new sysop rights :) --WikiSysop 18:52, 8 January 2007 (CET)

Ideas? Opinions?

  • "Protect" the usual spam targets (Main Page etc.). These pages may not edited by non-admin users, but it helps against a lot of Spam-bots. --MaD 13:13, 30 November 2006 (CET)
  • After the last spam wave I think it's a good idea to let only registered people edit pages. --MaD 11:09, 24 August 2007 (CEST)
I second this one. And I don't know how possible it is, but some captcha's on the signup/login screens might help, since some smarter SpamBots seems to be able to register themselves...--Sirmatto 17:41, 27 August 2007 (CEST)
I realise that only registered people can edit pages now, but I once worked on a wiki that had that set too. A captcha is a good idea. It's only annoying once (as long if it's well made and therefore actually readable by humans; I've seen some horrible Captchas in the past) and it'll stop the bots that register themselves. I'm guessing the script for registering to a MediaWiki wiki is very available to bot-writers out there. The wiki I used to work on is a mass of spam now as they didn't do this. --Retrodice 03:56, 21 March 2009 (CET)
Seriously a Captcha isn't a bad idea. It'll cut down the spam to a level that's at least a little closer to manageable. It's at a horrific level at the moment, as the recent changes list is completely buried in edits for all sorts of advertisements. If you need help installing it feel free to give me a shout. It's got to the point where it feels almost worthless editing the wiki because it looks like it's abandoned, as it's so hard to find the genuine edits in the history. Retrodice 03:31, 30 August 2009 (CEST)

So is there anyway to mass delete/ban the huge influx of spam into the wiki? I can't seem to find anything that would come close... --Sirmatto 17:09, 11 September 2009 (CEST)

Sorry for your time.... Why i can't see images on this resource? My Browser is: Opera. Thank you.

No idea, I have never used Opera. Maybe Opera can't handle PNG's or something? -Darkstar

Darkstar, saw your post on the front page. This forum discussion might have some relevance to what you need: http://www.mwusers.com/forums/showthread.php?9796-Batch-delete-users

I've checked (and installed) some extensions, but Nuke (to mass-delete pages) doesn't seem to work right, and UserMerge and UserDelete only work one user at a time (and they only delete users and do not delete their user pages for example). My curl-fu is not good enough to script mass deletion http requests (there's some scripting info on the talk pages for these extensions but that was apparently written for an older mediawiki and doesn't work with 1.17) and my php-fu is not good enough to modify the extension so that it merges/deletes multiple users in one go. I dan give you usermerge/userdelete privileges if you want to try it for yourself... ;-) --Darkstar 07:35, 4 November 2011 (UTC)
Awesome! Yeah, I try to clean up spam when I can, but I was out of town for a few weeks and it just got so out of control, I couldn't have done it spam by spam... --Sirmatto 22:58, 4 November 2011 (UTC)
Feel free to use Special:UserDrop to merge all spam users to Anonymous and deleting them in the progress. It's only about 1000 spam users and a few hundred userpages ;-)
Phew, I've gone through all users with 5 edits or less and deleted all that were spam bots (if they didn't have obvious names, I checked their contributions). I've started deleted some spam user pages, but that requires a little more effort, so I didn't get a whole bunch. I wish there were an easy way to mass delete user pages. --Sirmatto 01:16, 9 November 2011 (UTC)
Great job! For deleting the pages, don't bother setting the reason to "spam". you'll save 2 clicks and nobody will ever care anyway :) that's how I did it. Sadly, yes, there is no mass delete possible (not even with extensions, I searched for quite some time). Maybe one could whip up a wget script that logs in and posts the "delete" form for each of these pages... I might give that a try sometime... --Darkstar 01:37, 10 November 2011 (UTC)
Oops I just trashed my LocalSettings.php... had to quickly restore it from memory/google, I hope everything still works (well except for the image uploading but I'm working on that). Please notif yme of all (other) problems that arise!
So I think I've been able to purge all bogus/spam pages on the wiki. I've noticed that I can't access Special:UserDrop anymore, which isn't a big deal, since I think the spambot username creation is under control. Hopefully this place starts hoppin' again soon! --Sirmatto 01:19, 16 November 2011 (UTC)
The UserDrop stuff should work again now (I forgot to add a line after trashing my LocalSettings.php and having to re-create is) Also, search is fixed, and all indexes have been rebuilt (i hope -- php maintenance/rebuildall.php should have taken care of that). Image uploading should also work, so everything is set to "go" at this point :)
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