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Settlers 1

This game is also known as Serf City and Die Siedler.

Data file

The data file is called SPAE.PA or SPAU.PA, depending on the version of the game; the file structure is the same. The data fields in the file are stored as little endian values. The data file is essentially a package of many data objects, with an index that makes it possible to locate a specific data object given an identification number.

The file header consists of two 32-bit words: The first is the byte-size of the data file (including header), the second is the number of entries in the data object index table. The header is followed by the data object index table. Each entry in this table consists of two 32-bit words: The first is the byte-size of the data object; the second is the byte-offset of the data object from the beginning of the file. Some of the entries are undefined i.e. the size and offset are zero. The identification values used by the game starts at one, which means that the first entry in the index table points to the data object with id 1.

There is no field to specify the type of the data object i.e. the type of the data associated with an id number must be know beforehand.

Picture files

There are three sorts of pictures: "standard","sprite_transparent","sprite_bitmap" Header in Picture:

offset:size:meaning 2:2:X size 4:2:Y size 6:4:? just 00 in standard, F0 FF E3 FF in transparent 10-rest:1: picture data


is used for all pictures wich don't appear on the playfield (e.g. menu buttons). Picture data is byte array wich is a reference to a entry in the current palette table.


Picture data is divided into chunks: each chunk starts with a 2-byte header, first byte showing how much you have to skip in the destination before inserting the following (use 2.byte as length).

Sound files

Seems to be raw sound


  • Widelands[1] is more of a recreation of Settlers and Settlers II than a true reimplementation but it does allow for the loading of some maps from the original settlers II (not fully implemented yet).
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