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Resident Evil 3

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Resident Evil 3 (PC version) always uses .DAT as file extension. The zmovie subdirectory contains MPEG audio-video files. The rest of game datas are stored as big file archives.

The Playstation version does not use files for 3D models and their associated textures. Instead the game loads directly the needed data from CD-ROM sectors.

Archive file formats

.DAT (Resident Evil 3) Game data

File formats

Here is the list of file formats that can be found in the .DAT archive files. Or in the Playstation version of the game, if said so.

.ARD Room description (Playstation)
.BGM Background music
.BIN Unknown (Playstation)
.BSS Background images (Playstation)
.DAT Unknown - can vary, sometimes this is movie data.
.DO2 Door data
.EMD Monster and NPC data, 3D model
.ESP Unknown
.JPG JPEG image
.MAP Unknown
.PIX Raw image
.PLD Player data
.PLW Player weapon
.RBJ Player and NPC animations in Room
.RDT Room description
.SLD Scene layer data
.SND Unknown
.STR Movie (Playstation)
.TIM Texture image
.VB Sound data
.VH Sound header
.WAV WAV audio sample
.XAS Audio (Playstation)
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