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Resident Evil 2

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Resident Evil 2 (PC version), even if it uses same files as the original Playstation game, has some different ones. Note: the file formats listed there are those present in the demo.

File Formats

.ADT Advanced Data Texture?
.BGM Background music, with 'SEQp' ID at start of file
.BIN Various binary files
.CPT Raw 24 bits image
.DAT Unknown
.DIE Texture IMage, see .TIM
.DO2 Door sequence
.EDH Unknown
.EMD Enemy/player 3D model
.EMS Archive of files (contains .EMD and .TIM files, Playstation version)
.ESP Unknown
.ITP File containing several .TIM files concatenated (Playstation version).
.PLD Player data? (similar structure as .EMD)
.PLW Player weapon? (same structure as .PLD)
.RDT Room description
.SAP Sound sample (WAV file with 8 extra bytes to skip at start of file)
.TIM Texture IMage
.TM2 Unknown
.TS Texture IMage, see .TIM
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