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Needed help

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This page lists all articles, games and file formats which are in desperate need of help, for example bcause the person RE'ing the relevant files is stuck at some point.

TODO: Maybe this list should be organized into sections, but since it's relatively small right now I think it's OK to leave it this way. At least for some time.

Feel free to add your specific "help wanted" signs here

Sections needing attention

  • We definitely need someone who is skilled with graphic programs to create a nice logo, that flower-thingy looks badly misplaced on a reverse-engineering wiki ;-)
  • Someone who is skilled with MediaWiki should maybe improve the start page a bit. Oh, and we need conventions for the articles, too. Like how to format tables and data structures and such.
  • EYE.RES - Eye of the Beholder 3 uses a virtual machine to drive its game logic. Darkstar is having a hard time figuring it out.
  • Reverse engineering hints - I guess it would definitely help some people if we had more small bits of info (I'm reluctant to call them tutorials, they're simply too short) like what is already in this article.
  • Categories - I guess we should categorize pages at some point. Discussion going on over there
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