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Mystic Towers

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Mystic Towers: A Baron Baldric Game is an isometric arcade.


  • RGMYSTUS.DAT — main data file, see below
  • TOWERS.CFG — configuration file
  • TOWERS.EXE — the game executable
  • TOWERS.SG? — save games


The file is an non-compressed archive. Bytes 0x00000000-0x00340e3d are the data files, from 0x00340e3e is the files list in the format:

Position Length Purpose
0x00 1 Filename length
0x01 12 File name ( up to 8-byte name + '.' + up to 3-byte extension ) + trailing garbage
0x0c 4 File position in the archive
0x10 4 File size

The files in the archive are:

Filename Position Length
APOGEE.MOD 0x000D011B 0x0000334C
APOGEE.PCX 0x00339804 0x0000763A
APP1 0x0014B9A5 0x0000371E
APP2 0x00173550 0x0000371E
APP3 0x0019B203 0x0000371E
APP4 0x001C42A4 0x0000371E
APP5 0x001ED75E 0x0000371E
APP6 0x002168B3 0x0000371E
ATMOS3.MOD 0x000D3467 0x0001F54E
ATMOS4.MOD 0x0011D785 0x0001D6AA
ATMOSFX.SBK 0x00045926 0x00020050
B2FX-1.SBK 0x00065976 0x0000C8C0
B2FX-2.SBK 0x00072236 0x0000DC3A
B2FX.PCS 0x0007FE70 0x00000666
BALD256.SP 0x0001AD09 0x0002253B
BALD8X8.FNT 0x00045526 0x00000400
BALDFUN1.MOD 0x000F29B5 0x00022C48
BASEICON.SP 0x00001F37 0x00003C5D
BDAT2 0x00000000 0x00000C94
BICONS.SP 0x00042C46 0x000028E0
BOBJS.SP 0x0003D244 0x00005A02
CURSOR.SP 0x000156AB 0x00000324
DEMO 0x00000C94 0x00001226
EXTRAS.SP 0x00005B94 0x00001ED8
F1HELP.PCX 0x000804D6 0x00001D84
FANFARE.MOD 0x001155FD 0x000014A4
FONT.SP 0x00019919 0x000013F0
FRTEND.SP 0x00007A6C 0x0000DC3F
HISCORES.TAB 0x00001EBA 0x0000007D
LVICONS1.SP 0x0013AE2F 0x00010B76
LVICONS2.SP 0x001639F4 0x0000FB5C
LVICONS3.SP 0x0018B522 0x0000FCE1
LVICONS4.SP 0x001B3B2F 0x00010775
LVICONS5.SP 0x001DD1FE 0x00010560
LVICONS6.SP 0x00205DF6 0x00010ABD
MAIN2.PCX 0x0008225A 0x00002EAE
MAPP1 0x0014F0C3 0x000003FC
MAPP2 0x00176C6E 0x000003FC
MAPP3 0x0019E921 0x000003FC
MAPP4 0x001C79C2 0x000003FC
MAPP5 0x001F0E7C 0x000003FC
MAPP6 0x00219FD1 0x000003FC
MEDITATE.MOD 0x00116AA1 0x00001930
MESS1 0x0014F4BF 0x00000B40
MESS2 0x0017706A 0x00000948
MESS3 0x0019ED1D 0x000002B8
MESS4 0x001C7DBE 0x00000210
MESS5 0x001F1278 0x00000168
MESS6 0x0021A3CD 0x00000168
MFX1.SBK 0x0015DC17 0x00002888
MFX2.SBK 0x0017B4CC 0x0000279E
MFX3.SBK 0x001A2AEF 0x0000283A
MFX4.SBK 0x001C7FCE 0x00002784
MFX5.SBK 0x001F4EFA 0x000028AE
MFX6.SBK 0x0021E04F 0x000025C4
MONST1.SP 0x00153B19 0x0000A0FE
MONST1.SPP 0x0016049F 0x00000060
MONST2.SP 0x0017DC6A 0x0000A8FA
MONST2.SPP 0x00188564 0x00000060
MONST3.SP 0x001A5329 0x0000AD36
MONST3.SPP 0x001B005F 0x00000060
MONST4.SP 0x001CA752 0x0000BCE0
MONST4.SPP 0x001D6432 0x00000060
MONST5.SP 0x001F77A8 0x0000A8B2
MONST5.SPP 0x0020205A 0x00000060
MONST6.SP 0x00220613 0x00009639
MONST6.SPP 0x00229C4C 0x00000060
MT_BOX.PCX 0x0025C049 0x0000881A
MT_LOGO.PCX 0x00264863 0x00009B2D
MWIZ1 0x0014FFFF 0x000003FC
MWIZ2 0x001779B2 0x000003FC
MWIZ3 0x0019EFD5 0x000003FC
MWIZ4 0x001D96E4 0x000003FC
MWIZ5 0x001F13E0 0x000003FC
MWIZ6 0x0021A535 0x000003FC
MYSTMSG1 0x0026E390 0x00000FF9
MYSTRG.BIN 0x002336EA 0x00000FA0
NCOV1.PCX 0x00327F64 0x00006AB8
NCOV2.PCX 0x0026F389 0x00003F80
NCOV3.PCX 0x00273309 0x00004094
NCOV4.PCX 0x0027739D 0x00003D9B
NCOV5.PCX 0x0027B138 0x00002A4F
NCOV6.PCX 0x0032EA1C 0x00000FDE
NCOV7.PCX 0x0032F9FA 0x000010B1
NCOV8.PCX 0x00330AAB 0x00000EEE
NOSAVE.PCX 0x00085108 0x0000143F
OBJS1.SP 0x001604FF 0x000034F5
OBJS2.SP 0x001885C4 0x00002F5E
OBJS3.SP 0x001B00BF 0x00003A70
OBJS4.SP 0x001D6492 0x00003252
OBJS5.SP 0x002020BA 0x00003D3C
OBJS6.SP 0x00229CAC 0x000036F6
OVCFG1.PCX 0x000A09F9 0x00002AC3
OVCURGM.PCX 0x00086547 0x00002377
OVDEATH.PCX 0x000A6ECC 0x00003D3C
OVDSKERR.PCX 0x000888BE 0x00001DD4
OVEOT1.PCX 0x0008A692 0x00004728
OVEOT2.PCX 0x00099913 0x00002F78
OVHELP1.PCX 0x0008EDBA 0x00003237
OVHELP10.PCX 0x000C3CC9 0x00003781
OVHELP11.PCX 0x000C744A 0x00004BA2
OVHELP12.PCX 0x000CBFEC 0x0000412F
OVHELP13.PCX 0x0009C88B 0x0000416E
OVHELP14.PCX 0x0023468A 0x00004403
OVHELP2.PCX 0x00091FF1 0x00003CF5
OVHELP3.PCX 0x00095CE6 0x00003C2D
OVHELP4.PCX 0x000AC9CE 0x00003EEE
OVHELP5.PCX 0x000B08BC 0x00003AF3
OVHELP6.PCX 0x000B43AF 0x0000364F
OVHELP7.PCX 0x000B79FE 0x00004D84
OVHELP8.PCX 0x000BC782 0x00003BA9
OVHELP9.PCX 0x000C032B 0x0000399E
OVHISCR.PCX 0x000A34BC 0x00001C35
OVLDGM.PCX 0x000A50F1 0x00001DDB
OVMMENU.PCX 0x00254B4B 0x00002503
OVQUIT.PCX 0x0025A8E6 0x00001763
OVREG1.PCX 0x0025704E 0x00003898
OVREG2.PCX 0x00238A8D 0x00003D65
OVREG3.PCX 0x0023C7F2 0x00003E0B
OVREG4.PCX 0x002405FD 0x0000491B
OVREG5.PCX 0x00244F18 0x0000443C
OVREG6.PCX 0x00249354 0x00003CCB
OVREG7.PCX 0x0024D01F 0x00003F09
OVREG8.PCX 0x00250F28 0x00003C23
OVSTGM.PCX 0x00231485 0x00002265
OVSTLV.PCX 0x0022D3A2 0x000040E3
OVSVGM.PCX 0x000AAC08 0x00001DC6
PC_BOOK1.MOD 0x001183D1 0x00001626
PC_BOOK2.MOD 0x001199F7 0x00003D8E
PIRATE.PCX 0x00331999 0x00007E6B
REQS.SP 0x000159CF 0x00003F4A
RG0BOB 0x002C1E7A 0x00001D7E
RG0BOB.SP 0x0027DB87 0x0000164C
RG0DAT 0x002C3BF8 0x000003D8
RG0PIC.PCX 0x002F17BA 0x00002FA5
RG10BOB.SP 0x0027F1D3 0x00007859
RG10DAT 0x002C3FD0 0x00000978
RG10PIC.PCX 0x002F475F 0x000049BE
RG11BOB.SP 0x00286A2C 0x00005E88
RG11DAT 0x002C4948 0x00000798
RG11PIC.PCX 0x002F911D 0x00004741
RG12BOB.SP 0x0028C8B4 0x00007D0C
RG12DAT 0x002C50E0 0x00000658
RG12PIC.PCX 0x002FD85E 0x000046AD
RG13BOB.SP 0x002945C0 0x0000259C
RG13DAT 0x002C5738 0x00000658
RG13PIC.PCX 0x00301F0B 0x00003E79
RG14BOB.SP 0x00296B5C 0x00007189
RG14DAT 0x002C5D90 0x000003D8
RG14PIC.PCX 0x00305D84 0x00002B39
RG1BOB 0x002C6168 0x00004BC8
RG1BOB.SP 0x0029DCE5 0x00003C30
RG1DAT 0x002CAD30 0x00000658
RG1PIC.PCX 0x003088BD 0x00003ACA
RG2BOB 0x002CB388 0x00000D3E
RG2BOB.SP 0x002A1915 0x00000B82
RG2DAT 0x002CC0C6 0x000008D8
RG2PIC.PCX 0x0030C387 0x00003B20
RG3BOB 0x002CC99E 0x000079D6
RG3BOB.SP 0x002A2497 0x000058ED
RG3DAT 0x002D4374 0x000005B8
RG3PIC.PCX 0x0030FEA7 0x00002BF4
RG4BOB 0x002D492C 0x00005942
RG4BOB.SP 0x002A7D84 0x00009EA1
RG4DAT 0x002DA26E 0x00000518
RG4PIC.PCX 0x00312A9B 0x00004564
RG5BOB 0x002DA786 0x00003EB2
RG5BOB.SP 0x002B1C25 0x00002943
RG5DAT 0x002DE638 0x000005B8
RG5PIC.PCX 0x00316FFF 0x00003221
RG6BOB 0x002DEBF0 0x00007DA0
RG6BOB.SP 0x002B4568 0x00005C54
RG6DAT 0x002E6990 0x000005B8
RG6PIC.PCX 0x0031A220 0x000042B2
RG7BOB 0x002E6F48 0x00000D3E
RG7BOB.SP 0x002BA1BC 0x00000B82
RG7DAT 0x002E7C86 0x00000798
RG7PIC.PCX 0x0031E4D2 0x000036EA
RG8BOB 0x002E841E 0x0000670C
RG8BOB.SP 0x002BAD3E 0x0000564F
RG8DAT 0x002EEB2A 0x000006F8
RG8PIC.PCX 0x00321BBC 0x000029FA
RG9BOB 0x002EF222 0x00001FE0
RG9BOB.SP 0x002C038D 0x00001AED
RG9DAT 0x002F1202 0x000005B8
RG9PIC.PCX 0x003245B6 0x000039AE
WIZ1 0x001503FB 0x0000371E
WIZ2 0x00177DAE 0x0000371E
WIZ3 0x0019F3D1 0x0000371E
WIZ4 0x001D9AE0 0x0000371E
WIZ5 0x001F17DC 0x0000371E
WIZ6 0x0021A931 0x0000371E

The formats of the data files are:

  • *.MOD — music in standard .MOD format.
  • *.PCX — graphics in standard .PCX format, mostly intro and help.
  • MESS* — in-game text messages.

The rest are unknown.

  • *.SP — sprites?
  • APP*, WIZ* — seem to be in the same format, contain 'Data ' string.
  • RG*DAT — similar, but the string is 'Datas '.
  • BDAT2, MAPP*, MWIZ* — similar, string reads 'Work '.
  • RG*BOB — similar, but with zero bytes in place of the string.
  • DEMO — script for the demo?
  • MYSTMSG1 — looks like an encrypted text.
  • MYSTRG.BIN — ?
  • BALD8X8.FNT — font?
  • *.SBK — monster sounds?
  • *.SPP — ?
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