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Might and Magic 6

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Might and Magic VI (and probably later ones) use various file formats for different things.

Videos are stored in the Anims subdirectory, packed together into simple .VID-archives. They are standard Smacker(TM) video files which can be played or converted with the RadGameTools for example.

In the Sounds directory, there asingle AUDIO.SND file which is an archive of all ingame sound and music. For details, see .SND.

The Data subdirectory has four .LOD files in it. BITMAPS.LOD probably stores all ingame textures and images, SPRITES.LOD seems to contain all enemies and other sprites, including animation. ICONS.LOD contains inventory items and GAMES.LOD contains all level data. The file format of these archives is very straightforward, for details refer to .LOD.

The following file types are contained in the above mentioned archives:

  • .SMK - Standard Smacker(TM) videos in anims/*.vid
  • Compressed .TGA files without extension in data/bitmaps.lod and data/icons.lod. They seem to contain multiple images each, with different levels of detail.
  • .BIN, .EVT, .TXT, .STR, .FNT files in data/icons.lod , each with some kind of compression (to be determined. It's probably the same as the compression used for the level data)
  • .BLV Dungeon level data for the 3D dungeons in data/games.lod
  • .ODM Outdoor level data in data/games.lod
  • .DDM Outdoor level item data data/games.lod
  • .DLV Dungeon level item data for the 3D dungeons in data/games.lod

Most of these files are zlib-compressed and have a standard-header which is described in MM6 Compressed Header.

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