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Might and Magic 4

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Might and Magic 3, Might and Magic 4 and Might and Magic 5 use the same engine and the same basic file format (This entry is saved as Might and Magic 4 only because that was the original game I analyzed. It should probably be moved somewhere else)

All data is in .CC-Files named MM3.CC (for MM3), XEEN.CC (for MM4) and DARK.CC (for MM5). The header is scrambled and files are identified by a hash code (this has been found out by disassembling the main executable). See .CC for more details.


Each file which is loaded is first tried with a regular FOPEN system call, before it is hashed and searched for in the .CC file. So it should be possible to override any file by creating a correctly-named file in the game directory. Since it is not possible to find out the filenames from the archive file, the only way of getting a list of files needed by the game is either using DOSBox to dump all FOPEN requests, or extracting all strings from the game executable and trying them on the archive file. The latter option has the disadvantage that it might be possible that not all strings are in the EXE file literally, but rather created at runtime (via sprintf() or similar). In that case, one cannot find out all valid filenames via this method.

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