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Maniac Mansion (Famicom)

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An attempt at reversing the 6502 engine Assembly code for the game Maniac Mansion on the Japanese NES(Famicom), This game does not use the SCUMM engine like its Lucasarts counterparts, instead it uses an custom built engine by Jaleco Japan

File format .NES - INES ROM (Legally obtained through my own dump)

I will not distribute this Rom image, but instead provide an original cartridge and the ability to dump it.

Currently the following exists:

  • A fully loaded Interactive Disassembler database

Widely documented registers are included (Joypad,Audio,Graphics, etc..) I will send this to anyone who is interested in seeing it.

  • A document detailing some information about the game, how far I have got a credit listing of the original developers, images translating the games verbs(push,pull,open,give, etc..)and character names, so that anyone willing can play through the game with a little more ease, and NES UNROM Mapper #2 Documentation
  • Plenty of documents detailing NES 6502(widely available, not my work)
  • A few conversations about possible approaches I have had with experienced reversers
  • Also included is an open source emulator with a debugger, which enables you to look at a the memory accesses live, as you play through the game

which should help anyone with the reversing process, looking for clicks and responses.

Im passing this on to anyone who wants it, I simply do not have the time to work on it, and would hate to see it lost An original copy of the cartridge is also available to anyone willing to work on it, simply because this is the only legal way for it to be done

Please contact me on silver_coast@hotmail.com if you want to take a look or speak to me about it.

UPDATE As this project currently stands, Ive been able to accurately name a small handful of the 6502 ASM routines and have followed a tutorial that has shown me the text routine, I know other things like the microphone routine, some ppu routines etc and have already included common NES registers, Im struggling however to find time Im still planning to get this done and want to be involved in this, however I wouldnt mind if someone was willing to offer some help

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