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Links to reverse engineering resources

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This is a list of other sources for reverse engineering material.

  • Xentax Wiki - documentation on various game data file formats
  • IESDP - The Infinity Engine Structure Documentation Project, has documents on almost every aspect of the Infinity Engine games (Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, ...)
  • GEARS (pdf) - Very detailed document on the inner workings of the Final Fantasy VII engine (and probably later ones as well)
  • Wotsit's Format - Has information on many classic data formats, including graphics files and several files from the 8/16 bit eras
  • Multimedia Wiki - Has a lot of resources on multimedia-related game file formats here.
  • EOB wikispace - Contains information about various file formats used in the Eye of the Beholder series.
  • libeastwood - A library supporting various file formats (mainly used in Westwood titles), primarily targetting Dune 2. Also contains various specification docs on the various formats.
  • DOS Game Modding Wiki - detailed information about a selection of DOS games (mostly Apogee and Epic titles)
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