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Links to engine reimplementations

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Here are links to some projects which aim to re-implement classic games.

Note: Only projects which use the original data files should be listed here. Remake projects which don't need the original data files to run should be posted here.

Some of these projects appear to be abandoned, so it might be a good idea to post their findings here, so that they (hopefully) won't remain abandoned...

This list is categorized into various subsections, based on how far the development process is:

  • Complete means the engine is feature-complete with respect to all (or almost all) the features that are present in the original engine. It does not necessarily mean that development is halted, new features might still get implemented.
  • Playable means that the games for this engine are at least playable to some extent. Some (important) features might be missing, and it might not be possible to play the games very far, though.
  • Implementing means that there are first bits of the game logic implemented, but no gameplay. There is, however, some sourcecode which does something (like showing some ingame graphics for example)
  • Draft means that there is some documentation about the game engine's workings, but code is (almost) completely nonexistent.
  • Unfinished and abandoned means projects that weren't finished and are currently abandoned.
  • Uncategorized means a list of projects that nobody ordered in some proper subsections (existent or a new one if needed) and somebody needs to do it.

Please note that the differences between these classifications are sometimes very small, so no flamewars on which project goes where, please.

If adding a project to a list please put in the correct place alphabetically to help increase the readability.

Some nice articles about reverse-engineering some old games: Gawd's Miseum of Dissected Games

Here is a link to game engine recreations on Wikipedia, which may list some more projects. See also wikipedia's Source Port list.

Game Engine Implementation Stage
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn & Red Alert OpenRA Complete
Modern reimplementation of the Westwood 2D engine in C# supporting Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn as well as Dune 2000 as mods with rebalanced gameplay.
Marathon 2: Durandal Aleph One Complete
Reimplementation of Marathon 2: Durandal engine, allowing all three games in the trilogy to be played on modern systems.
Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife Doom Engine Doom engine reimplementations. Complete
Countless Doom and Doom Engine (Heretic/Hexen/Strife) game source ports at Wikipedia.
Ultima VII Exult Complete
Jagged Alliance 2 JA2: Stracciatella Complete
Duke Nukem 3D Build Engine JFDuke3D Complete
One of the many Duke Nukem 3D (Build Engine) ports after its source code was released.
Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings Complete
Nicky Boum Nicky Boum Complete
Uses SDL and is available for GBA, too.
Transport Tycoon Deluxe OpenTTD Complete
Tyrian OpenTyrian Complete
Escape from Colditz Colditz Escape! Complete
Flashback REminiscence Complete
LucasArts games SCUMM ScummVM Complete
classic LucasArts adventures and some others.
Ultima III U3Project Complete
Rick Dangerous XRick Complete
Rick Dangerous clone using the original data (not the original data files, however.)
Sierra game engine for SCI games. SCI FreeSCI Playable
Syndicate Freesynd Playable
Very basic functionality, but playable.
Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment Infinity Engine GemRB Playable
Another World / Out of this world New RAW Playable
Ultima VI and Worlds of Ultima Nuvie Playable
Creatures openc2e Playable
Ultima 8 and Crusader - No Remorse/Regret. Pentagram Playable
Total Annihilation Spring Playable
Touhou PyTouhou (see also here for engine docs) Playable
Settlers/Settlers 2 Widelands Playable
Can load some of the maps from S2 currently.
Ultima IV xu4 Playable
Arx Fatalis Arx Libertatis Implementing
Master of Orion 2 2ooM Implementing
reverse - engineering project
Heroes of Might and Magic 2 fheroes2 Implementing
Can load maps and most sprites currently.
Heroes of Might and Magic 3 VCMI Implementing
Fallout FIFEngine Implementing
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 1 freeRA / sf.net OpenRedAlert Implementing
Kingdom O' Magic KoM Implementing
ScummVM-based implementation
Ultima Underworld 2 Labyrinth of Worlds Implementing
Looking Glass, Thief OpenDarkEngine Implementing
Grand Theft Auto 1 OpenGTA Abandoned
non-free license
Grand Theft Auto 2 GTA2NET Abandoned
uses Microsoft XNA
Final Fantasy VII Q-Gears Implementing
Final Fantasy VII engine reimplementation project (thread in the ScummVM forum here), using the fine Gears.pdf document. Also see the QhimmWiki, which documents various Final Fantasy game engines
Grim Fandango GrimE Residual Implementing
StarCraft in C# SCSharp / SVN Implementing
They seem to have trouble with their homepage, but SVN should be good.
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind OpenMW Playable
Can currently load and display cells, but has no gameplay elements yet.
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind The Crystal Scrolls Implementing
Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall DaggerXL Implementing
Star Wars: Dark Forces DarkXL Implementing
FreeDSA FreeDSA Wiki Draft
Engine for the "Nordland-Trilogie"
Xenogears Inside Xenogears Draft
Attempt to document and reimplement Xenogears engine.
Ascendancy Starlane-empire Draft
Attempt to reimplement the old dos game Ascendancy (reverse engineering finished).
Star Wars: Galaxies SWGEmu Draft
Attempt to analyze and document the Star Wars: Galaxies network protocol, and eventually implement an open-source SW:G server.
Albion2 Albion2 Engine Abandoned
Last update seems to be from the end of 2006.
Amberworld/Amberstar/Albion/Dragonflight Amberworld Abandoned
An unfinished effort to produce an interpreter for the Amiga classic Ambermoon and games with a similar engine like Dragonflight, Amberstar and Albion.
The Clue! Clou! Open Source Project Abandoned
Open Source project for providing a multiplatform version of "The Clue!" game. The original game was released as Open Source in 2000. The original company, Neo Software, was bought by Take-Two Interactive and later became a Rockstar Games subsidiary, Rockstar Vienna, before finally being closed in May 11, 2006. Information on their classic games (including the source code of The Clue!) was deleted from its site.
Alone in the Dark Free In The Dark Abandoned
reverse engineering by yaz0r.
Igor: Objective Uikokahonia Igor engine Igor: Objective Uikokahonia Abandoned
This engine is in the process of becoming part of ScummVM.
System Shock TSSHP Abandoned
Ultima Underworld 1 Underworld Adventures Abandoned
Abandoned in a quite early state.
ELF Corporation games Anise Uncategorized
Studio Air visual novels angelladder Uncategorized
Commander Keen 1-3 CloneKeen Uncategorized
Curse of Enchantia ScummVM forums Uncategorized
some reverse-engineering going on in the ScummVM forum.
Descent D1X and D2X Uncategorized
Dune 1 Dune Revival / forum Uncategorized
possibly abandoned
Dune 2 Dune Legacy Uncategorized
Duke Nukem 3D EDuke32 Uncategorized
A fork of the JFDuke3D port of Duke Nukem 3D (aka Duke3D), merged with EDuke to provide many new features for mod authors.
Command & Conquer FreeCNC Abandoned
Prince of Persia FreePrince Uncategorized
Tools are available in addition
Infocom adventures Z-Machine Frotz / ZIP / JZIP / Zip 2000 / Zip Infinity / Nitfol Uncategorized
Various engines for running Infocom's Z-machine text adventure games (This entry needs a link too. Better yet split into separate project entries with correct links.)
Heart of The Alien. Heart of The Alien Redux Uncategorized
Frontier First Encounters jjFFE
Mega lo Mania Gigalomania Uncategorized
Magnetic Scrolls adventures. Magnetic Scrolls Magnetic Uncategorized
Crescendo Nekoze Uncategorized
Engine for running numerous bishoujo games created by D.O., ZyX, CD BROS, Purple, Will, and ilex. For example, Crescendo.
Ultima II Native Ultima II Uncategorized
(no source code available?)
Another World NewRAW Uncategorized
Jazz Jackrabbit OpenJazz Uncategorized
Dungeon Master, Chaos Strikes Back, and Dungeon Master II Return to Chaos Uncategorized
Made by George Gilbert
Dark Forces II Sith Uncategorized
Eye of the Beholder II Spectalum Uncategorized
see also here for a viewer/unpacker for Westwood's .CPS files.
Mickey's Space Adventure, Winnie the Pooh Pre-AGI TrollVM Uncategorized
Absorbed by ScummVM
Little Big Adventure TwinE Uncategorized
reverse engineering by yaz0r.
X-COM: UFO Defence (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown) OpenXCom Playable
X-COM: UFO Defence UFO2000 Uncategorized
Ren'ai games Waffle / Kurokoge Uncategorized
for running Key's ren'ai games on MacOS 9 and MacOS X (English patches).
Betrayal at Krondor xBaK Uncategorized
Various RealLive/AVG32 Games by Key/VisualArt's, such as Air, Kanon, Clannad and some others rlvm (see also xclannad and xkanon for older, unmaintained projects, and here and here for english patches) Uncategorized
Various visual novel games xlvns Uncategorized
(Leaf Visual Novel System for X) - A engine visual novel games made by Leaf/ based on source code of ToHeart2, due to the use of GPL code by Xvid. Current page down, mirror of the source code here. Defunct project.
eroge games AliceSoft System 3.5/3.6/3.8/3.9 xsys35 Uncategorized
Alicesoft was a japanese published of mostly eroge games, mostly of RPG genre.
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