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Heroes of Might and Magic II

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A turn-based strategy game from New World Computing from 1996 and sequel to Heroes of Might and Magic.

File types

A list of some of the known file formats can be found on this website.

A basic, but very promising, open source engine is available here with open source tools for "unzipping" the .AGG files and manipulating the files contained within, of which a basic list and description follows:

  • .AGG: Container for the following files:
    • .82M: Raw Wave Sound files
    • .BIN: TBA
    • .BMP: Bitmaps (Not a typical Microsoft Bitmap file)
    • .FNT: Fonts (Not a typical Microsoft Font file)
    • .ICN: Sprite archives
    • .TIL: TBA
    • .XMI: Standard MIDI music file (?)


Website with useful RE information
Heroes II page on Wikipedia

(This page is a WIP, I'll be updating it and the extension pages shortly)

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