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Grandia II

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Grandia II was initially developed for the Sega Dreamcast, but was subsequently ported to the Sony Playstation and the PC.

The files analyzed here were those of the PC port. I also own the Dreamcast version, and as soon as I find a way of accessing the GD-ROM I will confirm if the files are indeed the same. I guess they are, because they seem to be standard DC file formats, even in the PC version (except for some movies which were converted to AVIs, and some sound effects which were converted to PCM WAVs)


Grandia II uses the following file types:

  • .FNT - two (presumably) font files which reside in the game's root-directory
  • .AFS - generic container format for all kinds of data (textures, models, scripts,...)
  • .PVR - textures in PowerVR's native format (PowerVR is the 3D accelerator used in the Dreamcast)
  • .SEB - unknown
  • .KSS - seems to be script related. My PC version has some KSS files in the map/ subdirectory, which probably override those in the respective .AFS containers. These .KSS files are also unpacked, while the files in .AFS containers seem to be packed. More on that in the section on *.AFS containers.
  • .VMS and .ADX - standard Windows WAV files, probably converted from a Dreamcast-specific format.
  • .BIN - the only file with this extension is window/ending.bin, which is probably only a leftover from a Dreamcast system file (it looks like an executable file)

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