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Gitaroo Man

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Gitaroo Man is a music game for Playstation 2 developed by iNiS and Koei.


Files and File Formats

  • .CHC (song chart)
  • .SSQ (stage definition file)
  • .WEB (control web file)
  • .IMC (audio library)
  • .IMX (texture/graphic)
  • .XG (3D model)
  • .XGM (texture/model resource archive)
  • .PSS (Playstation Stream video)

Other versions

Gitaroo Man Wan

Gitaroo Man Wan is a "Maxi Single" demo disc that was released in Japan a few months before the full version.

Gitaroo Man Lives!

Gitaroo Man Lives! is a PSP port of Gitaroo Man that additionally contains Duet mode, a co-operative multiplayer mode with two playable stages. Although a few file formats are the same as before, many have been replaced with new formats.

File Formats

  • .CHC (song chart)
  • .SSQ (stage definition file)
  • .WEB (control web file)
  • Atrac3plus audio file with no filename extension (audio - music)
  • .VAG (audio - sound effects)
  • .GIM (texture/graphic)
  • .GMO (3D model)
  • .XG - fake extension, these are actually .GMO files
  • .PAK (model resource archive)
  • .PMF (video)
  • .SDF (controls such things as win/lose graphic & sound)
  • .INT (controls movie/gameplay subtitles & some the Tutorial stage's graphics)

Probably related to menu layout and/or menu animations:

  • .ANIM
  • .CLR
  • .POS
  • .ROT
  • .SCL
  • .SPR

Probably used in Tutorial stage to control some graphics:

  • .BOL
  • .FLT
  • .V2

There are also some .TXT and .BAT files located in various folders, apparently unused.

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