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Fury³ was developed by Terminal Reality and is the successor of Terminal Velocity (called TV from now on). It was released in 1995, just a few months after TV. The game is technically almost identical to TV. Both games can be played inside the other without problems. But Fury³ is a Win32 application. A few notable differences are:


Video files

Fury³ uses AVI files compressed with the Cinepak codec:

320x240 px
15 frames per second
22050 Hz sample rate
unsigned 8-bit uncompressed PCM audio

Transparency effects

...are shown opaque. Affects the red screen when being hit, the shadowmapping, smoke trails and the tunnel force fields.


The old menus from TV were removed (actually just deactivated) and replaced with native Windows menu bars and dialogs.

Embedded font

Just like in TV, the main font used for text is embedded into the game's EXE file but the specs are slightly different: The length of every data field is 72 bytes in contrast to TV, where it was 64. The height of characters is still 8 pixels. The offset is most certainly different among different versions of the game. It's 404384 in the US version


Fury³ in "XGA mode"

The resolution is fixed at 320x200 px and can only be changed by manipulating the EXE directly. In that case, however, a maximum stable resolution of 1024x768 can be achieved. Everything beyond that will cause a crash sooner or later. Background graphics and other 2D screen elements are not adapted to the new resolution, causing them to appear distorted and misplaced. It also radically decreases the precision of texture mapping especially with small textures (64x64) and, most notably, the sky.

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