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ESPN Extreme Games

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Each course (lake tahoe, utah, cashcourse, ...) is encoded in a separate folder (ex : TAHOE, UTAH).

Here is a brief description of the files inside these folders :

  • *.CLN contain the level himself (objects positions on the road + road curve ?)
  • *.BIT contains all textures used in the level. they are encoded in 8 bit (256 colors) uncompressed format.
  • *.FLT contains several palettes used for displaying 256 colors sprites of a level. every file is 16K.
  • ENDXX.BIN contain sprites (statistics for points and collected cash) that are shown at the end of a level.

At the root of the game, there is several .13X files. It seems they contain animated sprites, encoded just like .BIT files.

NOTE : This is for PC version only. Maybe PSX version use same file and format but i can confirm it (i haven't checked yet)

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