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This Alien Legacy file contains the text descriptions for all Electronics Finds in the game.

PosD = Number in the Directory

PosP = Physical position of the directory entry in the file (not the position of the string).

Str = String from the position indicated in the directory until \0.

File Contents

PosD PosP Str
0x0000 0x0004
0x0001 0x0008 Electronics Find: The unusual mineral content of some rock samples indicates that the material may be naturally superconductive.
0x0002 0x000C Electronics Find: You find an extremely pure deposit of copper which can be used to manufacture wire.
0x0003 0x0010 Electronics Find: The asteroid surface is covered with fine crystals formed by impacts with other asteroids. The crystal is naturally piezoelectric.
0x0004 0x0014 Electronics Find: The ore rock in this area shows magnetic activity.
0x0005 0x0018
0x0006 0x001C
0x0007 0x0020
0x0008 0x0024
0x0009 0x0028
0x000A 0x002C
0x000B 0x0030
0x000C 0x0034
0x000D 0x0038 Electronics Find: A quartz compound shows superconductive properties.
0x000E 0x003C Electronics Find: This area is rich in copper.
0x000F 0x0040 Electronics Find: Fine crystals that show piezoelectric activity are embedded in various rocks.
0x0010 0x0044 Electronics Find: Iron rocks around this area show magnetic activity.
0x0011 0x0048 Electronics Find: Copper compounds are mixed with the ore in this area.
0x0012 0x004C Electronics Find: The sunlight has created an unusual amount of static electricity in the iron-rich rocks.
0x0013 0x0050 Electronics Find: You find samples of zinc which is used in your ship's batteries.
0x0014 0x0054 Electronics Find: An outcropping of carbonaceous material contains fullerene spheres which can be used in semi-conductors.
0x0015 0x0058 Electronics Find: Aluminum and sulfur deposits can be used to build alkaline batteries.
0x0016 0x005C Electronics Find: This area contains tungsten which can be used to create incandescent light filaments.
0x0017 0x0060 Electronics Find: Mineable amounts of germanium exist in this area.
0x0018 0x0064 Electronics Find: You find an odd carbon-based crystal that shows signs of piezoelectricity when squeezed.
0x0019 0x0068 Electronics Find: You find a rich deposit of very pure copper.
0x001A 0x006C Electronics Find: Some creature has spun a fine web composed of a crystalline material which produces a weak piezoelectric charge when pinched.
0x001B 0x0070 Electronics Find: A large plant bulb releases a tremendous electric discharge as it sprays spores into the air.
0x001C 0x0074 Electronics Find: Carbonaceous material inside a meteorite contains unusual fullerene tubes which could prove useful in designing new electrical equipment.
0x001D 0x0078 Electronics Find: An unusual sequence of aluminum and sulfur strata forms a natural alkaline battery.
0x001E 0x007C Electronics Find: You locate a fine grade of clay which can be baked into a new ceramic matrix for microelectronic devices.
0x001F 0x0080 Electronics Find: You find a large deposit of germanium which is used in your electronic equipment.
0x0020 0x0084 Electronics Find: The hard shell of a common beetle contains a peculiar electrically conducting compound which could prove useful in designing an 'organic' computer.
0x0021 0x0088 Electronics Find: You find an odd carbon-based crystal that shows signs of piezoelectricity.
0x0022 0x008C Electronics Find: You locate a deposit of extremely pure silicon which can be used in computer memory chips.
0x0023 0x0090
0x0024 0x0094
0x0025 0x0098 Electronics Find: A meteorite impact has fused quartz crystals into tiny optical fiber molecules.
0x0026 0x009C Electronics Find: Several minerals appear to be likely candidates for new types of resistors.
0x0027 0x00A0 Electronics Find: The dust here can be used in an electrostatic precipitator to remove smoke and impurities from the air.
0x0028 0x00A4
0x0029 0x00A8
0x002A 0x00AC
0x002B 0x00B0
0x002C 0x00B4
0x002D 0x00B8
0x002E 0x00BC
0x002F 0x00C0
0x0030 0x00C4
0x0031 0x00C8 Electronics Find: Your instruments detect flashes of heat lighting -- reflections of lightning storms over the horizon.
0x0032 0x00CC Electronics Find: Bits of amber littering the ground show strong electrostatic activity.
0x0033 0x00D0 Electronics Find: Several moss species in the area produce a natural phosphorescence.
0x0034 0x00D4 Electronics Find: Your instruments record a disturbance in the Van Allen radiation belt above this area.
0x0035 0x00D8 Electronics Find: The rocks in this area are highly magnetic.
0x0036 0x00DC Electronics Find: Huge puffy seeds blow along the ground. They build up charges of static electricity as they move, discharging it occasionally with a loud zap.
0x0037 0x00E0 Electronics Find: The skies shimmer with a brilliant display of the Aurora Borealis.
0x0038 0x00E4 Electronics Find: A small insectivore has developed the ability to stun large insects with an electric shock.
0x0039 0x00E8
0x003A 0x00EC
0x003B 0x00F0
0x003C 0x00F4
0x003D 0x00F8 Electronics Find: This area has rich deposits of very pure silicon which can be used to create computer chips.
0x003E 0x00FC Electronics Find: The dry winds blowing across the sandy surface supercharge the atmosphere with static electricity.
0x003F 0x0100 Electronics Find: This area was once a lake bottom in ancient times. Layers of fine sand and compressed organic material create a weak organic battery.
0x0040 0x0104 Electronics Find: The area glows brightly as rolling waves of sheet lightning discharge accumulated static electricity.
0x0041 0x0108
0x0042 0x010C
0x0043 0x0110
0x0044 0x0114
0x0045 0x0118
0x0046 0x011C
0x0047 0x0120
0x0048 0x0124
0x0049 0x0128 Electronics Find: Some stone fragments show promise of being candidates for efficient non-metallic electrodes.
0x004A 0x012C
0x004B 0x0130
0x004C 0x0134
0x004D 0x0138
0x004E 0x013C
0x004F 0x0140
0x0050 0x0144
0x0051 0x0148
0x0052 0x014C
0x0053 0x0150
0x0054 0x0154
0x0055 0x0158 Electronics Find: The ice contains sulfur impurities that allow an electric current to flow through it.
0x0056 0x015C Electronics Find: The strong magnetic field generated by Zeus causes your instruments to go haywire for a moment.
0x0057 0x0160
0x0058 0x0164
0x0059 0x0168
0x005A 0x016C
0x005B 0x0170
0x005C 0x0174
0x005D 0x0178
0x005E 0x017C
0x005F 0x0180
0x0060 0x0184
0x0061 0x0188
0x0062 0x018C
0x0063 0x0190
0x0064 0x0194
0x0065 0x0198
0x0066 0x019C
0x0067 0x01A0
0x0068 0x01A4
0x0069 0x01A8
0x006A 0x01AC
0x006B 0x01B0
0x006C 0x01B4
0x006D 0x01B8 Electronics Find: The methane snow in this area shows an amazingly high capacity for conducting electricity.
0x006E 0x01BC Electronics Find: Seeping out of the ground is a resin created by cryo-volcanism. The resin can be used to create computer memory chips.
0x006F 0x01C0
0x0070 0x01C4
0x0071 0x01C8
0x0072 0x01CC
0x0073 0x01D0
0x0074 0x01D4
0x0075 0x01D8
0x0076 0x01DC
0x0077 0x01E0
0x0078 0x01E4
0x0079 0x01E8 Electronics Find: An unusual piece of methane-ammonia ice shows piezoelectric activity when pinched.
0x007A 0x01EC Electronics Find: Buried under the snow is an area of very pure silicon which can be used to make computer chips.
0x007B 0x01F0 Electronics Find: The newly deposited methane snow is capable of holding a considerable charge of static electricity.
0x007C 0x01F4 Electronics Find: Your instruments detect an extremely weak magnetic field generated by the core of the planet.
0x007D 0x01F8
0x007E 0x01FC
0x007F 0x0200
0x0080 0x0204
0x0081 0x0208
0x0082 0x020C
0x0083 0x0210
0x0084 0x0214
0x0085 0x0218
0x0086 0x021C
0x0087 0x0220
0x0088 0x0224
0x0089 0x0228
0x008A 0x022C
0x008B 0x0230
0x008C 0x0234
0x008D 0x0238
0x008E 0x023C
0x008F 0x0240
0x0090 0x0244
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