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Dungeon Keeper

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A dungeon resource management game where you get to be the bad guy. A great concept that suffered from poor AI.

A list of some of the known file formats can be found on this website.
A basic level editing tool can be found here and some utilities can be found here. The utilities and the level editing tool all have source code available for download too. The programs don't look like they have been updated in a while, but if someone wanted to create an open source Dungeon Keeper engine then there's something to work from (the author of the website, and I presume the tools, seems pretty friendly and could quite possibly be persuaded to relicense the code under the GPL or similar if asked nicely.)

File Formats used by this game: .APT, .CLM, .DAT, .DOC, .EFF, .FLG, .INF, .LGT, .OLD, .ORI, .OWN, .SLB, .TMN, .TNG, .TXT, .VSN, .WIB

I have emailed the author of the site asking for permission to copy the data to this wiki and he has agreed, so I've started to move the data and some of his notes across. Most of the level formats are added. Other stuff such as sound and graphic formats have yet to be added.

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