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Dungeon Hack

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The RPG game similar to the Eye of the Beholder games. The main difference is that there is only one hero and the dungeon is randomly generated (within certain specifications).

It uses a runtime system called AESOP/16.It is one of only two games using this runtime system (another one is the Eye of the Beholder 3) The main executable (AESOP.EXE) displays this when run without arguments:

AESOP/16 Runtime Host Interpreter V1.00←df
Copyright (C) 1992, 1993 Miles Design, Inc.  All rights reserved.

Usage: AESOP script_file program_name

The AESOP.EXE files between Dungeon Hack and Eye of the Beholder 3 are not interchangable (even though in both cases the same version 1.00 is reported).

To start the game, you have to run the file HACK.BAT, which later starts the runtime in the three ways:
aesop open opening (intro, calling entry point opening in the file OPEN.RES)
aesop hack phase-one (game, calling entry point phase-one in the file HACK.RES)
aesop hack phase-two (game, calling entry point phase-two in the file HACK.RES)

At the moment I am not certain about differences between calling phase-one and phase-two (phase-two is probably the "core" game - both entry points loaded the game, but phase-two did not show the menu.

The dungeon is generated by an external program MAZE.EXE which receives two arguments and generates a set of files representing the dungeon.

All game data is in a .RES-files called OPEN.RES (intro), HACK.RES (games). They have probably similar structure like EYE.RES in Eye of the Beholder 3. Though one notable difference is that in Dungeon Hack every .RES file is accompanied by a corresponding .TBL file.

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