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Alien Legacy

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A space exploration game with an adventure-like plotline.


  • ANIM.*, CINEMA.*, VIDEO.* - .FLI animations with the custom(?) format types 0xaf13/0xaf14. They can be played back by changing to 0xAF12. Just animation, no sound.
  • *.DVF - Timothy Strelchun: "I coined the Dynamix Voice Format (.DVF) extension name and file format for Alien Legacy CD. The file format contains a ton of raw audio data (PCM samples) preceded by tables of offsets to the raw audio clips for the various speeches in the game, parts and genders. The .DVF files were compiled/created from individual audio files generated by the audio team according to a predefined file name format that identified their usage."
  • *.VOC - Standard .VOC files
  • *.XMI - Standard .XMI files
  • PLANET.* - Geographical features of a planet, and locations where colonies are allowed
  • RESOURCE.* - Text + Data, probably for the various events in the game?
  • *TXT.DAT - Ingame text archives, see .DAT
  • MAIN.YSU - UI images. See .YSU
  • CAMPAIGN.SCN - Location of all collectible icons in surface exploration.


This file contains all the numerical information for colony facilities in the game Alien Legacy. It is a flat file with 52 entries, each entry consists of 26 unsigned 16-bit integer values.

Offset Type Description
0 uint16 the id of the installation type.
2 uint16 the level these values apply to.
4 uint16 purpose unknown; every entry has 2 as the value, except both level 1 habitat entries.
6 uint16 planetary "version" of the facilities is 0, every other has a value of 1, including common facilities to both planet and space stations (note that no installation is "exclusive" to space or planet, only different versions of factories, solar plants and habitats)
8 uint16 unknown; seems to be a base amount of colonists for habitat entries, perhaps related to the required amount to upgrade.
10 uint16 colonist capacity: only used by habitats
12 uint16 time bonus: this is a flat value that is deducted from the standard time it takes to create robots or vehicles in factories. robots have a standard production time of 12 turns. vehicles have a different standard time for each level of vehicle, starting at 24 turns. it's also a reduction to time used to research tech in labs
14 uint16 the amount of ore it takes to build this installation
16 uint16 the amount of energy it takes to build this installation
18 uint16 the amount of life support it takes to build this installation
20 uint16 number of humans required to build this installation
22 uint16 number of robots required to build this installation
24 uint16 the number of turns it takes to build this installation
26 uint16 apparently, whether this is a Level 1 installation. non-upgradeable facilities have this as 0.
28 uint16 ore consumed for the maintenance of this installation
30 uint16 energy consumed for the maintenance of this installation
32 uint16 life support consumed for the maintenance of this installation
34 uint16 number of humans needed to operate this facility
36 uint16 number of robots needed to operate this facility
38 uint16 amount of turns for each maintenance cycle. all facilities require maintenance every 24 turns
40 uint16 the amount of ore produced in factories each production cycle. also the quantity of ore transported by the mass driver.
42 uint16 the amount of energy produced in syphon factories, or power plants each production cycle.
44 uint16 amount of life support produced in habitats each production cycle
46 uint16 humans produced? this seems like a binary value (1 for all habitats, 0 for everything else)
48 uint16 always zero. probably would be related to robots if it was used.
50 uint16 number of turns for each production cycle. not used for robots or vehicles, also apparently laboratories use it differently for tech research
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