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REWiki - A centralized reverse-engineering documentation project

This site aims to combine any efforts on game reverse engineering. If you have reverse-engineered some file format or other aspects of a game, feel free to post them here.


This wiki has just been started. If you find any bugs or have other problems, please post them here and/or here.

If you want to help, there are some areas in this Wiki which need help. The easiest way to find them is to pick your favorite game from the List of games and start hacking on it's files. The other possibility is to check the Needed help page, to see where people are stuck with their research. If you know alot about a specific field of reverse engineering, chances are that your help might be greatly needed somewhere.

How is this wiki different from the Xentax wiki? The answer is simple: Xentax focuses on file formats, especially (or, rather, exclusively) on game archive file formats. They analyze game data archives and write scripts and/or extraction programs to 'unpack' them. The REWiki is more, the focus here lies on complete documentation of the files and inner workings of the games. There's normally no (or at least not much) duplicated work between REWiki and Xentax, in fact, we might pick up what Xentax finds out and continue from there.

Getting started

You can browse the list of games or the list of file formats already covered here. Also, here's a list of links to engine reimplementations and a list of links to reverse engineering resources

If you want to start reverse engineering yourself, here are some hints.

If you are new to Wikis you may start editing in the sandbox.

Although it's not really the idea of this Wiki, here's also a list of game remakes.

We also have a Want list where you can post your favorite game and it might get picked up by someone who'll then take a look at it.


If you add a file format, please add it under its extension, including the dot. For example, the IFF file format would be there: .IFF

If an extension is used in different games, create a disambiguation page and create the articles like this: .IFF (Game Name)

If the extension is not general but only used for one file in a specific game, you can add it under its full name. For example DARK.CC for Might and Magic 5 (however, there's also a file XEEN.CC in Might and Magic 4, so it might actually be useful to create an entry for .CC)

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