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Dune 2

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A few nice projects aiming at recreation of a Dune 2 engine:

  • Doon Lunacy/Dune Legacy aims at creating an enhanced engine reusing the original Dune 2 data (written in C++)
  • OD2 aims at recreating the original Dune 2 engine (written in C++)
  • OpenDune also aims at recreating the original Dune 2 (written in C)

libeastwood, a library used for both Doon Lunacy & OD2 for reading all the game data is also [1]. This library aims at supporting all the game data formats used by Dune 2, and also support for other formats used in other Westwood titles, as well as having the potential of adding support for various other formats as well on request. The library also provides scaling through scale2x, audio interpolation using libsamplerate, python bindings and even a command line tool using the python bindings.

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